History of Pistachio

  • The Latin word Pistacia is derived from its Persian name, Piste or Peste.
    The pistachio tree was domesticated and cultivated in Iran about 3-4 thousand years ago. After Iran, it has been transferred to other parts of the world, especially to countries around the Mediterranean.
    In addition to Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey have been mentioned in the comments on the origin of pistachio trees.
    According to historical documents, Sarakhs, Gorgan, Qom and Ferdows can be mentioned as the oldest pistachio growing points in Iran. Also, according to the available documents, cultivation of this product has been common in Qazvin, Semnan, Jiroft and Damghan since 1500 years ago. While the regions of Rafsanjan, Zarand and Kerman are up to 250 years old and the history of Shahr Babak, Zahedan, Saravan, Dargaz, Varamin, Abadeh and Darab in pistachio cultivation has been less than 100 years. Currently, Kerman province and Rafsanjan and Zarand regions are considered as the most important pistachio growing regions of Iran and the world. Currently, there are more than 350,000 hectares of fertile and non-fertile pistachio orchards in the country, of which about 280,000 hectares are from Kerman province.